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Day One – Tuesday, May 19 Shaping Consistent And Seamless Digital Experiences

Tuesday, May 19th, 2020

4:35 PM Solo Presentation Remix: Identifying The Ideal Digital Marketing Mix To Increase Brand Awareness And Meet Your ROI Goals

A lot of what goes into digital marketing can be quantified (e.g. the number of visitors to your website and number of conversions) but brand awareness and recognition cannot. There is no direct ROI related to brand awareness but money still needs to be spent on making sure you’re recognized for your services. Peter Lundgreen comes to Digital wealth 2020 to talk about what he’s done at Lundgreen’s Capital to utilize their social media presence, media appearances and contributions, and other digital marketing strategies to sell their digital wealth management products.
• Identifying your ROI goals to make the best use of your marketing budget 
• Understanding how brand awareness benefits your end goals 
• Identifying the digital marketing tools that will yield the best ROI