Brian Stewart, Head of Client Experience Quality at Vanguard
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Brian Stewart

Head of Client Experience Quality

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Day Two – Wednesday, May 20 Strategies For Tomorrow’s Wealth Management Clients

Wednesday, May 20th, 2020

2:00 PM Solo Presentation - Ensuring Quality At The Source To Improve The Client Experience

Brian Stewart, Head of Client Experience Quality at Vanguard, understands the importance of determining systemic deficiencies in the client journeys. In this session he’ll talk about the importance of ensuring quality at the source, a lean principle to ensure quality at every step and only quality work is passed from one step to another. If defects are found, theprocess is halted to root cause and eliminate the defect so as to not pass on defective processing which will cost more to fix at the end, especially with a dissatisfied client. In this session he’ll take a deep dive into:
  • Understanding the important role that the quality plays in client experience
  • Getting the client experience right the first time and reducing fallout
  • Focusing on the quality of the process and the end to end experience